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El Machote - Steak House & Lounge

The Story

El Machote

El Machote is when the best of Southwest BBQ and South American grilling collides. 

We bring you the most authentic Texas style melt-in-your-mouth barbecue and finger lickin’ briskets and ribs by our pit masters with the biggest passion for real and raw barbecuing. From USA beef briskets, ribs, pork baby back ribs to suckling pigs, we smoke them long and slow in our custom made BBQ pit like they do it back in Texas. 

From the ‘asador’ comes the South American art of open parilla grill, where premium cuts of meats are made to order.  

See and taste for yourself!

El Machote - meat platters

El Machote - beef-ribs-2

El Machote - whole-chicken-2

El Machote - sucking pig

El Machote - smoke-chicken-wings

El Machote - brisket-sandwich


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The Restaurant

El Machote

Located in the vibrant street of Wahid Hasyim, one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Jakarta, El Machote will be the dining destination that will please all the crowds, a big family hungry with western grubs,

In addition to the restaurant in our second floor, you also get to see our smoking pit in our El Machote Express, where you can get quick lunch items to grab on the go, and watch our pit masters gettin’ down and dirty with the smoker. 


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Bar & Lounge

Bar & Lounge

El Machote

Our bar is stocked up with the coldest beer, great selection of wines, and strong drinks. The lounge is great place to burn your entire afternoon and night away. Grab a beer, pull up a seat and chomp down our excellent bbq options. We guarantee you a jolly great time, anytime of the day. What else could you possibly ask for? 

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El Machote Bar

El Machote Lounge

The Facilities

The Facilities

El Machote

El Machote Dining

El Machote Private Dining

In our 600m2, we can cater up to 140 people for any kinds of functions; For business meetings, we provide screen projector system and also sound system. We also cater to birthdays, parties, and other social events. 

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